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What do your callers hear on hold? The Watts Group Inc. specializes in providing effective, quality on-hold messaging as well as many other types of audio services. We work hard to offer you the most professional production available along with outstanding customer service and competitive rates, all with one goal in mind…your satisfaction.
Enhance your website with the power of audio today. By implementing the latest technology, you can increase your company’s online presence with highly effective web
audio. Please browse our pages to learn more about our experience and services. We are proud to service clients from coast to coast!

Custom On-Hold Messaging

Being on-hold usually isn’t fun or exciting and that’s where we shine! With custom on-hold messaging you can help to entertain and educate your callers. Sharing current services, new products, adjusted hours, or even a little bit about your story will help to stop the pain of being on-hold.

Music On-Hold

Do you have multiple companies sharing a phone system or just prefer a music only solution? Custom music on-hold is a great option. We offer licensed music that’s not boring elevator music. Search through our extensive options to pick the perfect tunes for your business.

Professional Voicing

Your employees were hired for their skills in your business. Not voice over talent. When you partner with us, you gain access to our professional voice talent. They are trained to have the right tone for a variety of businesses and they are ready to help.

Video Audio

Looking to share video content but can’t seem to get the right sound? Echoes, dogs barking, or that weird sound your phone is making shouldn’t stop you from having amazing content. We can take your video and provide you with the perfect voice over and sound effects.

Script Writing

Cat got your tongue? Our scriptwriters can shape those thoughts into a full-blown script. Give us an idea of what you’d like to get across and we’ll do the rest. You will have full control over the final script because you care about the details.

Studio Services

Our professional audio engineers can create custom audio solutions for any application. Commercial broadcast, corporate presentations, audio for video, web audio, POP, overhead marketing… the audio applications are endless!

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When we started helping businesses with On Hold Messaging

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use on hold messaging?

Nobody likes to be put on hold. But, it happens every day in every business. Custom on hold marketing has proven to help improve business image, reduce call hang ups and caller frustration while on hold. It will also educate callers about your products and services, increase caller inquires and sales. If you have a hold button on your telephone you have your own broadcast station. Use it to effectively market and communicate with your callers about your business.

Will it hook up to my telephone system?

Most phones systems made in the last 30 years have on hold capability. New equipment available today can even provide a small or home based business to play custom on hold messaging. We will be happy to answer all your questions about interfacing on hold messaging for your phone system

What type of on hold equipment do I need?

Most levels of our service include a digital message announcer for heavy duty on hold use. If your phone system is a newer VOIP system we can e-mail files to you. We can also remote load your production from our studio via phone line or the internet. In any case we can produce on hold messages in any format you desire. We will assist you in choosing the right delivery method based on your phone system and your requirements.

What do we say to our callers?

We will consult with you to provide just the right message for your business. Say whatever you like to educate callers about your business. Introduce new products and services, provide industry updates, announce recent achievements, and promote special events and sales. The list of topics is endless.

What voices and music are used?

Professional male and female voice talents are used to voice your on hold message. With our extensive music library, voice talent and script writing staff The Watts Group Inc. will ensure a creative and effective message for your business. Click on Audio Demo and listen to and choose voices and music for your messages. All music licensing fees are included with our service.

Do I have to pay for music licensing?

Our extensive music library is fully licensed. That means no additional licensing fees are passed on to you. We can even complement your total marketing efforts by incorporating your company jingle into your program!

What is my investment?

Pricing is probably less than you think and we offer different service options to meet everyone’s need and budget. We will be glad to answer all your questions and provide you with the information you need. Call us at 616-240-1886, or message us, and we’ll have an answer after consulting with you based on your needs.

Is there anything else I should know?

Since 1992 the Watts Group has been providing the finest on hold marketing and audio services to clients Nationwide. We offer multiple location discounts and many client use co-op advertising funds to help pay for audio marketing services. As always, our services come with a 100% guarantee.


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Clicking this audio demo screen will allow you to find the perfect sound for your project. Don’t have time to explore? Get in touch with us and we are glad to assist.


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